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    Production of Season 3

    Fins to Feathers

    Shot on location in the Owen Sound area with friend and Captain of Action Fishing, Tony DeGasperis, Amanda Lynn & special guest Ty Baynton hunt down Salmon. Airing April 2019 on WILD TV.

    Fins to Feathers

    Shot on location in the Owen Sound area with friend Chris Mink, Amanda Lynn & special guest Ty Baynton call out a Tom but it is a journey to get there. Airing April 2019 on WILD TV. 

    Bullets to Bears

    Shot on location in Powassan, Ontario, Amanda Lynn takes novice hunter Danielle on the adventure of a lifetime, her first bear hunt. Following the Take Me Hunting Program and Range Day, this is sure to capture audiences of all ages. Airing Spring 2019. 

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    Featured in Outdoor Canada Magazine

    Successful Launch of the Limited Edition Collection

    What a crazy last few days it has been keeping up with orders and now we have been honored in Outdoor Canada Magazine as 2nd on the list for Mother's Day ideas. We are all running on exhilaration here in the office. It has been a lot of hours creating designs, working with samples, and seamstresses to get everything just right for you. Although there is a slight wait-time it is due to the products being hand-sewn right here in Canada to make it the best fit possible.

    Amanda Lynn has been in the clothing industry for quite some time working on her own projects and of course helping others so she knew exactly what she wanted when it came to launching her own camo line. A unique and fresh look combined with function and fashion. The ability to layer and wear solo with jeans or in the bush. To have a pieces that compliment each other and protect you from the elements all while providing comfort.

    A background in fitness Amanda Lynn also knows that compression is beneficial in the sports world, and whether you are fishing, hunting or hiking we have no products coming your way to improve circulation.

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    Function and Fashion

    The popular Outdoors TV Show brings you a simple message; Just Hunt. 

    Everything we sell is 100% Canadian made. Materials are locally sourced from local suppliers in Ontario and Quebec.

    Our manufacturer uses a process known as dye sublimation where they heat press the designs into the fibers of the materials up to 425 degrees Celsius, not allowing any dyes to bleed or run when you throw them in for laundry. No matter how many times you wash & dry your tights/tops/buffs, they will never fade nor shrink & always look just as good as you got them from day one! You will love the fit & feel of our products.

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    This is one tough outdoorswoman and a product of Northern Ontario, a small town called Manitouwadge, who now resides in Southern Ontario and is the HOST OF JUST HUNT TV  which airs on WILD TV.  This young woman has proved her worth as an athlete, an inspirational celebrity speaker, an angler and a hunter whose mission it is to preserve our hunting and fishing heritage. Pssst.. by the way she loves to ride her motorcycle, it is her 2006 Ninja 11th anniversary this year. Watch for some motorcycle inspired fun. 

    Amanda Lynn's above average success rates for her DIY hunts are impressive, most hunters' hunt 30+ years to harvest animals that Amanda Lynn has been fortunate to hunt and harvest. Although not a trophy hunter in terms of inches and skulls but sharing her trophies which represent memories, and adventures. 

    Official Ambassador and Host of the Great Outdoors Stage for the Toronto Sportsmen's Show

    Amanda Lynn has a growing social media following that has a fan base that trusts what she recommends and women that watch her show, participate in her events, purchase what she introduces to them, proving that what you are introduced to, you remember. 


    The numbers are visibly increasing each year with the influences of television and media, with the rise of social media influencing showcasing women and children the growing industry is in full forward like never before. The younger generation look up to the role models of industry seeing strong, beautiful, capable and independent women. 

    With dedication and hard work, determination, focus on fitness, outdoors skills and a positive, energetic personality and a passion for travel.  

    Amanda Lynn has embraced her roots, having been raised to love the outdoors life. She has directed that passion to launch a career, quickly becoming one of the most accomplished and popular faces of the outdoors.

    Supporting people in pursuit of their hunting heritage, Amanda Lynn founded the Range Day and Take Me Hunting and Take Me Fishing Outreach Programs, designed to help new adventurers get out there and get started.  Find out more.

    The popular Outdoors TV Show brings you a simple message; Just Hunt. Wear your message strong and proud and be a part of a team of conservationists and outdoorsmen and women.

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    Season 2 now airing on WILD TV on Canada Hunts East

    Bear Down

    From Manitouwadge, Ontario to Alberta the extended bear season was an exciting adventure. 

    The Waterfowl Weekend

    Hunting in Southern Ontario with the Northern Duckmen and Ty Baynton was a weekend filled with adrenaline and laughter. 

    The Moose Bog

    Traditional moose hunt with a twist traveling to Quebec but still keeping a personal DIY with cousin Kevin, friend Kevin and husband, Craig.

    "You Capture the Audience with your personality." Jennifer, Alberta



    "There is no such thing as bad weather, only innapropriate clothing." 

    -Sir Rannulph Fiennes 


    “Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all others.”

    – Winston Churchill


    "I go to nature every day for inspiration in the day's work."

     –Frank Lloyd Wright

    "You are the perfect ambassador of our sport." Luke, ONT