What People Are Saying

I Am Serious About Hunting

Earlier this year I finally committed to taking the non-restricted firearms course along with the hunter education course, and I'm pretty proud of myself for doing so. I have a profound respect for hunters as well as registered firearms owners now that I'm educated with actual facts and not mislead by the media or government.

So while I was waiting for my PAL to arrive, a buddy of mine told me to follow a certain Canadian female hunter on social media if I was serious about hunting and to make it to one of the events she runs.... so I did just that. I booked the October 2018 Tomiko Lake Lodge 'Take Me Hunting' with the one and only Amanda Lynn Mayhew and harvested my very first grouse with my Mossberg 500 .410 shotgun. I learned what the birds ate in certain seasons and the healing benefits of a poplar tree to name a few.

My belief is that more women will become involved in hunting and the great outdoors once the "boys club" stigma is removed by more involvement and education for female participants. I hope I can encourage other females to pursue their dreams and overcome their doubts and fears of the outdoors and hunting and the stigma that follows.

NOW fast forward to December I've already booked a few of the Range Days for 2019 and the 'Take Me Deer Hunting 2019' with Just Hunt ...which you too can book if you head over to the website in my bio above. A big thank you again to Amanda Lynn Mayhew - Just Hunt and Women's Hunting Association for these amazing opportunities and everything the Just Hunt Ambassador Program has to offer.  - Dana Murray