An adventure in the making, a memory forever, and a story to share.

The goal is simple: ​To empower, EDUCATE and inspire women of all ages find their place in the hunting and shooting community. Becoming an outdoors woman and following your passions. 

Since Amanda Lynn founded the need in 2011, W.H.A has been helping women fulfill their potential when it comes to hunting and shooting sports.  We do this through personalized instruction, working hand-in-hand on the field and answering questions with experience and thought. 

Giving women a place and community to meet others and join likewise events to further educate themselves on firearms, archery, hunting and fishing. 

Can you imagine being able to get out in the field and experience hunting and fishing as a beginner on a whole new level. Resources, experienced hunters and anglers, and much more will be available to you, in your area, as a diverse group of women come together to make a strong team to empower, educate and inspire others.  

The goal for W.H.A is to be a safe, fun place for women to connect and share their ideas, thoughts, and tips about everything to do with HUNTING, FISHING & the OUTDOORS!  

Visit www.womenshuntingassociation.com for all information.

The facebook page is a great place to chat, share photos and adventures, network, and to learn new skills with fellow women of the hunting community.  https://www.facebook.com/WomensHuntingAssociation/

outreach Programs

Range Days


 Range Day allows you to try your hand at Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle and Archery, no license required.  

Take Me Hunting


 Supporting people in pursuit of their hunting heritage, Amanda Lynn founded the Range Day and Take Me Hunting & Take Me Fishing Outreach Programs, designed to help new hunters & anglers get out there and get started in their adventures.  


Take Me Fishing


 Hit the water with Celebrity Outdoorswomen Amanda Lynn Mayhew while you pile on her boat and take to the sport of fishing. Adventures in the making, stories to share and memories forever.  

Take Me Ice Fishing


 Hit the ice with Celebrity Outdoors woman Amanda Lynn Mayhew and take to the sport of ice fishing. Adventures in the making, stories to share and memories forever.  

Take Me Off-Roading


 Have you ever had the chance to go off-roading, riding your own machine or even experiencing Northern Ontario ATV trails? Now is your chance to sign up and experience adventure. Hosted by Amanda Lynn, she will be by your side to educate you, inspire you and laugh alongside with you as you fly through the mud and the dirt.  



Take Me Hunting - October 2017

Not only was the weekend itself fun and educational, but you are facilitating a meeting place for women.  You are inspiring us to go out and Just Hunt.  

Women are different, we don't yet have the same opportunities (for many of us) to be able freely hunt like men and to be taken seriously.  At a gun store it's harder to get support,  we all know it's harder to find decent clothing gear and in hunting circles we still are just not taken as seriously as the guys.   

In the end, a weekend like this empowers women.  It gave us confidence, a safe place to learn without judgement (there were no stupid questions) and it provided - most of all - a network.  

A "Take me Hunting" weekend sets up the groundwork for something so much bigger.  It's creating a safe access way for women to get into hunting - on their own, to form friendships and to encourage us; that we too, can do what our guys are out doing - without them, if we choose. 

We talked about gear, guns and experiences without being judged and for women, THAT is important.  

 There are many women out there who just have no "club" to belong to, don't know where to start, or how to have their hunting own adventure outside of their partners or the men around us.  

There is a generation of girls/ladies/women who need this.

Our group may have been your first, but don't let these two weekends be your last!  I encourage you to continue to do this over and over.  Its value is far more reaching than I think you know.   It's a stepping stone into changing the industry and for those who need a push to forge their own roads into hunting.   

Amanda Lynn, I can see you starting fires in women to start their own camps and weekends away.  Which in the end, enables us to "Just Hunt". 

A special thanks also to Leona for amazing pics and Lisa for superb accommodations.

- Michelle