Hunting with Amanda Lynn

Amanda Lynn's above average success rates for her DIY hunts are impressive, most hunters' hunt 30+ years to harvest animals that Amanda Lynn has been fortunate to hunt and harvest. Although not a trophy hunter in terms of inches and skulls but sharing her trophies which represent memories, and adventures, it is more of a point to feed her family and put meat in the freezer, and has been since a youngster.

Amanda Lynn writes, photographs, films and teaches when it comes to hunting and fishing, and with her experience helping others get outdoors with the Take Me Hunting Outreach Programs she has done just that. Taking her own adventures and those of others makes incredible Canadian Content and inspirational pieces for publications. 

Amanda Lynn has been featured in many publications across North America sharing her adventures in hunting and of course her journey, as well as being crowned top 30 most influential females that hunt in North America.  

She founded and organizes Women's Hunting Association and Range Day events to inspire, educate and empower those who have no where to start to get outdoors.  Amanda Lynn is an active member of the outdoors community being involved with  numerous Sportsman's Shows across the Country and performing seminars on a variety of topics. 


Fishing with Amanda Lynn

 Amanda Lynn is bringing new light to the common fishing show.  As an angler Amanda Lynn grew up on the waters of Northern Ontario fishing for walleye and pike with her parents, mostly fishing for food and fun and enjoys the occasional competition by competing in local derbies, the Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular and the Miramichi Striper Cup in New Brunswick.

Amanda Lynn will be sharpening her skills with offshore fishing, river fishing, and hard water fishing alongside some of the best locations in the world for fun and value.  She shares her passion by guiding and organizing Take Me Fishing Outreach Programs and by assisting in local hatchery programs. 

Amanda Lynn has appeared on other Television shows such as Here's the Catch with Italo Labignan. 

Amanda Lynn grew up riding anything with wheels. Amanda Lynn's Dad used to build off-road machines for the girls to ride on, including 2, 3 and 4 wheelers. Definitely not a stranger to power sports, Amanda Lynn can take you on a ride to learn more about off-roading as she incorporates these machines into her Take Me Hunting Outreach Programs. Learn more about the program, ask Amanda Lynn a question or find out where her next adventure is going to be. 

When it comes to Amanda Lynn's daily driver, a pick-up truck has always been necessary, from loading kids to loading equipment. A truck in her world is the most necessary piece of equipment to get to her destinations with all the tools required to get the job done.  Amanda Lynn currently drives a  2020 Chevrolet Silverado outfitted with NITTO Tires.