Ambassador Program

Women's Hunting Association is a Division of Just Hunt®

 Apply and join the largest network of strong  outdoors enthusiasts worldwide, empowering, inspiring and motivating each other every single day. 

Whether you are an experienced hunter, angler, athlete, power sports enthusiast or a beginner, Just Hunt community is here to make sure you never give up. 


The Ambassador Program is about doing your own thing.  Amanda Lynn has been an Ambassador and Brand Manager for many companies over the course of 20 years in different genres and knows exactly what it takes to have a successful team.  She knows what goes into it from both sides.  All that is expected from the Just Hunt® Crew is to love what you do, be true to who you are and #justhunt - whether it be for animals, fish, or life. Stay focused on positive inspiration and keep it simple.

There is no pressure, be you, and love what you do. We want to share what you love to do. Simple as that.

We want to share the word across the country in each province. Lifestyle, Hunting, Fishing, Power Sports, Shooting, and Fitness empowering others with credibility and reputation. Sponsors and event coordinators look at the whole picture when deciding on who to represent their brand or show and some of the things to be aware of are:

▪positive posting

▪passion for what you preach

▪consistency in brand recognition

▪social media existence

▪customer service/personality



Loyalty and appreciation work both ways and the best relationship between endorser and sponsor is one that is open with communication, sharing innovative ideas, and always looking ahead at the next project.

Just Hunt® AmbassadorS

Brady Mayhew | Hunter


Southern Ontario

Son of Amanda Lynn, Brady has grown up surrounded by fishing and hunting, catching fish from an early age and harvesting grouse as soon as he was old enough. Brady has a passion for anything outdoors including camping, and traveling.

A hunter and angler by blood and a way to enjoy the outdoors with family.

Mackynzie Mayhew | Hunter


Southern Ontario

Son of Amanda Lynn, Mackynzie has grown up surrounded by fishing and hunting, catching fish from an early age and harvesting grouse as soon as he was old enough. Mackynzie has a passion for anything outdoors including camping, and archery.

A hunter and angler by blood and a way to enjoy the outdoors with family.

Rae Urwin | Lifestyle | Hunter


Southern Ontario

A born and raised city girl who’s heart fell in love with the country.   Rae grew up doing what would be considered ‘standard activities’ for a city girl. Fast forward 15 years and though she may still be living in the city, her passion and desire to spend her life outdoors as much as she can is beginning to blossom. 

Candace Martin | Competition Trap


South Bruce, Ontario

Candace always wanted to hunt, but growing up it wasn't really a girls activity in her family. Candace allowed this notion for a long time to play in her head. It's not like anyone told her she couldn't but one day, her husband took her out to his uncle's field and sent a little orange disc through the sky and told her to shoot it. 

"It's a community and we are here for each other."

Jennifer Nicole | Hunter


 Thunder Bay, Ontario

Jennifer started hunting only a few years ago and now can’t get enough of it.  Her first hunt was for bear and in her words, "It was Insane!"  Jennifer's  bear rug hangs on her living room wall and is an amazing reminder of her first hunt!

"Harvesting my own food is amazing and just gives such an appreciation for the opportunity to do so.  It’s a comforting feeling knowing where your food comes from." 

Angela Osmond | Precision Rifle


Toronto, Ontario

Angela has felt indifferent and unsure about firearms for many years until she met her boyfriend Gavin. He was an avid firearms owner with a passion to show the unsure and scared that firearms were nothing to fear. 

Through her range days, she learned that she loved long range shooting. She has participated in the CRPS (Canadian Rimfire Precision Series) and is looking forward to doing so again. 

Kayla Wirth | Competitive Shooter


Vancouver, BC

 A competitive shooter based in British Columbia, Canada. Most active in IPSC, shooting in Production Division.

Miranda Mayhew | Athlete


Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Candace Black | Lifestyle


Southern Ontario

Candace's cottage encompasses everything she loves about the outdoors, and is where her desire to learn to live self sufficiently began. It is here that Candace learned to catch, clean and cook a fish, and how to harvest firewood, build fires, and live without many everyday amenities. 

"Knowing how to grow and harvest your own food, and live without water and hydro lines is something not everyone has experienced, but definitely is a skill I hope to pass onto future generations."

Brian Williams | Guide


New Brunswick

Brian has over 20 years of hunting and fishing experience, growing up walking up and down brooks chasing brook trout to finding a passion for hunting big game in New Brunswick.

Brian is the owner/operator of Williams Woods And Water Outfitters which is an all inclusive guide service offering a variety of hunting/fishing packages. Brian specializes in Moose and Black bear hunting but is also an avid fly fisherman and angler for Atlantic salmon, trout, and striped bass. 

Abigail Ruse | Shooter


Southern Ontario

Abigail is 14 years old and an avid outdoors girl at such a young age. She first met Amanda Lynn at the Toronto Sportsmen's Show in 2014 and has re-visited her every year since becoming more and more open about her dreams. 

Amanda Lynn invited her out on a photo shoot and range day in 2019 and Abi's personality was contagious and her willing to learn has captured Amanda Lynn's attention to invite her to be the youngest member of the Ambassador Team. 

Krystle Allison | Hunter


 Centre Wellington, Ontario

Krystle attended a Range Day in August 2017 with no idea what to expect but knew Amanda Lynn and her reputation for organizing events. 

"It was amazing and basically life changing. I was hooked." 

Less than a year after that first Range Day, Krystle has successfully harvested her first black bear, and she did it on her own. #JUSTHUNT is definitely something that has made a huge impact on her life and will have forever changed it.

Just Hunt® AmbassadorS - Field

Sami Jo Comiskey | Hunter


Wisconsin, USA 

Sami Jo began hunting and fishing with her father when she was 4 years old! She ended up taking a break for a long time due to bullying because “hunting and fishing is not something girls do” but got back into it once she started high school when her grandmother told her that it doesn’t matter what others think as long as she are happy! 

Amanda Szadkowski | Hunter


Northern Manitoba

"There's nothing like harvesting your own food."

Amanda is all about empowering women to get out into the field and try something new, and as a waterfowl guide she has the ability to see new hunters often. 

Jackie Morris | Homestead'er


Southern Ontario

Jackie has had an interest in the outdoors from a young age. Jackie has since expanded since her time as a cadet and partook in various training expeditions which lead her to become a member of the skill at arms team, this is where her passion for firearms and wilderness self reliance began.. Despite being disabled, Jackie is constantly challenging herself to overcome many of the obstacles relating to a self reliant lifestyle. 

Sherri Usselman | Hunter



Sherri is focused on excelling in the outdoors.

Whether it's checking trail cameras, looking for shed antlers or focusing on the next wildlife season, it's safe to say that Sherri lives for the great outdoors.

Wade Plouffe | Hunter


Timmins, Ontario

 Wade has a hard time to control his excitement when thinking about embarking on the yearly deer hunt with his father and grandfather. Wade is the type of young lad with a very distinct plan, get up, do my chores, and let's go fishing or hunting. 

Sydney Martin


 Southern Ontario

Sydney wants to be a part of the just hunt crew to help promote the outdoors with hunting, fishing and shooting sports.  

Danielle Ashley


Melancthon, Ontario

Danielle's passion for the outdoors started with Take Me Hunting in 2017 and has excelled since. She has a soft spot for horses and the outdoors. 

Jeff Rietvelt


Fenelon Falls, Ontario

Hunting is his passion. 

Shawna Enair-Erickson


Kirkland Lake, Ontario

Shawna is a hunter & angler and takes pride in raising her son with love for the outdoors & respect for the animals that give their lives to feed them the most healthy field to table meals.

Kristen Wellsberg


Lac La Biche, Alberta

Kristen can sing, hunt and fish and shows the passion in it all. 

Cathy Steen


Southern Ontario

Being outdoors gives us the opportunity to learn more about ourselves...while appreciating all that Mother Nature has to offer us. 


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